Friday, Friday, Friday

Fridays are always the best day at our house: the house gets clean (go me), we go to Red Robin (something we’ve been doing weekly for about seven years), Project Runway is up on the web (I hate sitting on the couch and watching TV when I could be doing something else at the same time)…and tomorrow is Saturday, which isn’t that exciting for me I guess, when your job never ends, but I like the idea of a Saturday.

As far as this blog goes, I’ve decided that Friday will be the day I reflect on my writing-related accomplishments from the week.

I had two great writing days this week – I managed to add another 4-5K words to the first draft of the novel I’m currently working on. For me, that’s pretty good for a non-NaNoWriMo* week (I’m a busy woman, people). I’d like to do much better (say, in the 8-10k range per week). Also, I felt really good about what I wrote, which isn’t always the case (there were no fight scenes, so there you go – huzzah!).

Last night I was writing out of order – something I don’t usually do. Writing material to fill the gap (which in this case is huge) seems daunting and a little depressing. I feel like I have to catch up asap (not going to happen this time, sorry Stacy). I need to learn to be okay with that – to be patient with myself. I can’t write a novel in a day, alas. Anyway, the reason I was writing out of order is because sometimes a scene is just begging to be written and I have to write it down. If I don’t, I may forget it OR I won’t be able to get to sleep because I’ll lie there thinking about it all night. This scene in particular turned out well, now I just have to go back and figure out how to get my characters there.

Also, this week I’ve had to re-evaluate how I feel about blogging. Just last week I was telling my newly formed writing group how much I hate blogging (and yet I’ve been thinking about this blog for several months – I told you it wouldn’t be long before proving myself a hypocrite). I’ve been blogging on and off for the last six years or so and I have never enjoyed it, but I have enjoyed what I’ve been doing here. The difference? Pictures. I hate dealing with pictures. I love taking them, but looking at them and editing them and watermarking them just makes me want to never do another craft project or write a tutorial ever again. Here, I get to write – and that’s it. I find that much more satisfying.

‘Til next time.


*For those of you who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is – check out their website here. I’ll talk more about my participation soon as it’s coming up in November.


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