NaNoWriMo Prep 2013 – The Premise And Other Stuff

Oh, the frustration of first world problems.

Last night, as M. was playing the new version of Terraria on my desktop, it proved too awesome for the old girl to handle and she decided she no longer had a reason to live (my computer, not my daughter). Thankfully I have a laptop and an iPhone to use until I can rebuild the thing, so I’m only slightly inconvenienced.

What I don’t have are backups for the novels I was working on. They’re on the drive, which is relatively new and functioning perfectly, but accessing them is tricky…since I get about a minute or less of computer function before the whole thing freezes and I have to restart. Alas, I do not have the power to pull my novels from the disk with my mind. That would be awesome – and convenient. Sometimes reality sucks, my friends.

This morning I successfully retrieved one file before the screen froze, so I still have hope of getting the other, eventually. But I’m a still a little bummed. It’s never a good time to lose a computer. I really hate re-installing stuff. It was her time, though – at almost five years old, she was a senior citizen on her death bed. It was inevitable…

First world problems, like I said.

In addition to that mess, I’ve begun thinking about/planning for NaNoWriMo which is next month.

I’m very excited about it. This year I won’t be traveling for Thanksgiving so perhaps it will be easier on me. But also, I just love writing and I really like being ‘forced’ to meet a word count goal.

My experience with NaNo really started back in 2011. I didn’t end up writing a single word that year, but in 2012, I decided that failure was not an option, knocked it out and won (‘winning’ is meeting the 50k word count goal). The end product was a mess – it was too short for a fantasy novel and the two viewpoints I attempted kind of got away from me – but I was so proud of myself for having finished it. I’d started several novels before and never got more than 20k words into them before quitting. I’d like to go back and fix my ’12 NaNo novel when I get a chance because it’s got some potential.

What did I do then? I’d proven that I could finish a novel-ish but that I couldn’t handle two viewpoints at once. So, for Camp NaNoWriMo in April (where you can choose your word count goals) I wrote another novel and used three viewpoints. I met my 50k goal that month and continued writing because the book wasn’t done – over the next couple months I added another 20k or so. And then another Camp came around in July and I wanted to finish the novel, so I made a list of every scene I needed to write to finish it and estimated how many words it would take. At the end of July’s Camp and 20K later, I finished my first ‘real’ novel.

I feel like I’ve had a busy year…

I can’t really believe It’s October already. I’m ready to have another productive writing experience during this year ‘s NaNoWriMo.

One thing I know I need to get done this month is an outline. I didn’t have one for my 2012 NaNo and the result was a lot of unfocused writing time. I would often sit at my computer and ask myself ‘what’s going to happen next?’ It was a time waste and I really struggled. In April I came into Camp with a fairly detailed outline and the writing came much more naturally – I was nearly always ahead of my daily writing goals (as opposed to last November, when I was nearly always behind).

Then there’s the question of what I’m going to write.

I was thinking that I’d just continue on with my current project but now another idea has caught my attention and it won’t leave me alone. My premise is that my characters live in a world where you can make music do magic and so music in all forms has been outlawed. I considered writing it in a contemporary setting but decided against it, so pure fantasy it is!

And that’s kind of where I stand at the moment.

As I consider what will happen to my main character I have to keep reminding myself that she’s a child (12) and that she wouldn’t make the same sort of decisions that an older (wiser) person would make.

I’ll keep you posted on where my brainstorming takes me over the next few weeks.



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