It’s Friday AGAIN

I can’t believe it’s Friday already….AGAIN.

And I totally didn’t do one of these reviews last week. On purpose. Not enough hours in the day, people.

Honestly, I was still a bit rage-y about the whole computer implosion fiasco. I’m still rage-y about it. Upgrading the stupid thing is the problem that just keeps on taking all my monies. And I’ve been a little annoyed with the laptop – aside from the screen being small (it’s 10 incher) it has other fun (read: aggravating) quirks.

Anyway, the computer is almost up and running thanks to an awesome Husband (who has his own work to do but still made time for my computer issues). Soon, all will be right with the world. We would have made lousy pioneers. We can’t function without our technologies. This morning, we had an hour-long power outage and I felt very claustrophobic and at a loss for things to do (I did make the bed and empty to dishwasher, in case you were wondering). The kids wanted to play on their iPods (a special Friday treat – Friday’s are awesome!) and of course, only the oldest, least fun one had any juice…

That’s enough of my boring, real world problems.

While the power was out, I finished up The House of Hades. The ending was good – say, the last 100 pages….but I was a little disappointed during the rest of it. I found myself rolling my eyes on occasion and being more annoyed than usual at some of Mr. Riordan’s usual writing quirks. And it kind of goes without saying that with this series of books there is simple never enough Percy Jackson. Alas, you cannot have it all when you’re juggling a whopping seven viewpoints in one YA book that’s only 583 pages! That’s ambitious even if you are Rick Riordan.

This week I started writing a short story which turned out to be fun. I never thought those words would cross my lips, but there you go. It’s about a demon who harvests human souls – specifically: hipsters. It’s supposed to be darkly humorous (hipsters are funny in any context, really). Anyway, I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s been a fun little exercise.

Then there’s the whole NaNoWriMo thing looming on the horizon. I’m trying to get an outline nailed down, but I’ve also been doing a lot of mental worldbuilding as well. It’s not something that I usually think about very much before I write a novel (I typically discovery-write my worldbuilding), so I’m finding it difficult. Trying to be more organized has drawback’s, apparently. At LEAST I have some character names chosen/invented. Main protagonist, check! And her sidekick/best friend, check! And…that’s it.

Man, I feel behind.

It’s this lousy computer funk, I tell you!

Like I said, I’d make a lousy pioneer.



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