Happy NaNoWriMo Eve….

Errr, I mean, Halloween…look! My son dressed up as Harry Potter.


Anyway, I meant to write another post about my NaNo preparations but this month has really gotten away from me.

Not gonna lie – I’m feeling a little unprepared to start writing a book tomorrow.

I’ve been working(ish) on an outline and I decided to take my own advice and try to figure out my story arc. I discovered that what I had been planning to write wasn’t going to work. The part of this story that I really wanted to write…is a book 2 kind of thing. Which KILLS me, friends. Gah!

So, I’ve now figured out what I want my main character’s story arc to be for this first go around. What’s going to happen is another thing altogether and I really have no idea how I’m going to get from the beginning to the end but I guess we’ll see what I can come up with (at least I have a beginning and an end, right?)…Yay for discovery writing!

Good luck to all you fellow NaNoWriMo’s out there!

Oh…you say you want another picture of my children being cute on Halloween? You got it!



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