Top 5 Fiction Books I Read In 2013

I read forty-two books last year, falling a little short of my goal of fifty. I know, I’m a complete failure…(sarcasm) Maybe next year.

And yes, there are three books by Brandon Sanderson on this list. If you hadn’t figured out how much I love his books by now, well then I have not done enough gushing about them.

In no particular order:

A Memory of Light

1. A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson – Epic Fantasy.

I hadn’t even heard of the Wheel of Time until Brandon Sanderson got involved with it. I read the first eleven books during a six or seven month period back in 2008. This book was a fitting end to an awesome series.

Variant Feedback jkt des3.indd2. Variant and Feedback by Robison Wells – YA Sci-fi.

Yes, I know that’s two books but they’re in the same series and this is my list, so I will do as I please. These books are about a kid who shows up at a school that doesn’t have any adult supervision…and it gets stranger from there. It was a fun read and I was delighted that the library also had book 2 so I could find out what happened next immediately.


3. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson – YA Fantasy.

I’ve already mentioned this one twice in the last few months but here it is again! This one was just so much fun to read. It’s about a world (an alternate version of Earth) where people get super powers – but only evil people get them.

Fragments4. Fragments by Dan Wells – Post-apocalyptic YA Science Fiction awesome.

I loved the first in this series, Partials, and this one was even better. It’s about how our society created artificial human beings to fight our wars for us and what happened after the wars were over.

The Emperor's Soul5. The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson – Fantasy

This is a novella set in the same world as Elantris. This story won the Hugo award in 2013 for best novella. I won’t go into the plot because it’s…complicated but it’s fantastic.

Nonfiction Bonus – for those of you who are still reading:

What To Expect When No One's ExpectingWhat to Expect When No One’s Expecting by Jonathan V. Last – I don’t read much non-fiction, but this one I purchased as an early birthday present for myself last January. How society is affected by birthrates and people’s attitudes toward children are fascinating issues to me – this book addresses both topics. I loved it.

My reading goal for 2014 is 45 books – so happy reading to all for 2014!


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