Book Review: The Atopia Chronicles by Matthew Mather

Atopia ChroniclesMy sister recommended this book to me because I’m currently working on a novel of my own that has a thing or two to do with virtual reality, although this book takes the topic in an entirely different direction than I have in my novel.

The Atopia Chronicles is a novel in six parts about an advanced technology society living on an island, called Atopia, in the Pacific. The virtual reality comes in the form of nano technology that resides in your body, so you can carry it around with you. It can filter out unwanted visuals and people, and you can virtually ‘go’ anywhere and do anything.

One of the major themes in this book is the implications of life altering technology. If there’s one thing that mankind does to a fault, it’s take great technological advances and use them in the worst possible way. Here is book that explores all the ways in which this technology could be used and abused. The end result is that it basically destroys everyone’s lives. I also thought the author did a good job of exploring how the world would be affected and not just the people at the center of the narrative.

This book asks some pretty deep questions like: Will this kind of technology really solve all the world’s problems? What would happen if the technology fell into the wrong person’s hands? What happens when you can give people everything they could ever want? What really makes people happy?

The thing I didn’t like about this book were the characters. For me, there was a lot of explanation about the technology and not enough character development. Also, I read half of this before we left for vacation last month and found it really hard to remember who the characters were when I finally picked it back up last week. It was only a couple of weeks but apparently the characters weren’t strong enough to stay in my brain for that relatively short amount of time. So, firstly, I don’t know enough about these characters to really care about them. Secondly, I felt like the characters were selfish and self absorbed and they kind of deserved the bad things that were happening to them…

But…I liked this book enough to finish it, so I’d probably give it a B- overall.

Stay tuned for my ‘Best of 2015’ post, where I share with you the best things I read in 2015 and also, my next review will be my book club’s selection for the month: One Summer by David Balducci – which is contemporary fiction…dun, Dun, DUN… Oh my gosh, there’s feelings and exactly zero robots, so we’ll see if I can get through it…

Thanks for reading!


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