2015 Best Reads

At last, the wait is over!

I give you: my 2015 Best Reads!

Fiction Bests (in no particular order):

Perfect State

Sixth of the DuskPerfect State & Sixth of the Dusk by Brandon Sanderson – These are two novellas, the second of which was first published as part of an anthology (Shadows Beneath) – but you can now get it on it’s own! It’s hard to categorize Perfect State – I think, technically, it’s science fiction. It doesn’t matter. Get  it. It’s brilliant and hilarious and perfect. Sixth of the Dusk is fantasy and  is part of the Cosmere – which is Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy universe. Also brilliant.


FirefightFirefight by Brandon Sanderson – Yes, another one by that Sanderson fellow. If he would stop being so amazing, then I’d stop recommending his stuff on these things. I’m just sayin’.

Firefight is the follow-up to Steelheart, which I think I mentioned fifty times on my blog after I read it (okay, actually it was three times – one of which was on my Best of 2013 list). This book was just so unpredictable. A delightful ‘middle-of-a-triligy’ book.


Furies of CalderonAcadem's FuryCursor's FuryCaptain's FuryPrinceps' FuryFirst Lord's FuryThe Codex Alera by Jim Butcher – This is a series of six epic fantasy books by the author of the Dresden Files, which (full disclosure) I’ve never read, but are apparently very popular. These books are great so I’m inclined to give Jim’s other books a read.



The Book of DeaconThe Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo – I actually got the first book in this series free via Amazon (and it’s STILL available for free HERE if you’re interested in checking it out) and had to go and get the anthology because it was just so good! This was also self-published but it does not show. I love to see indie authors killin’ it.



CressCress by Marissa Meyer – This is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles, which has taken an interesting spin on familiar fairy tales. I mean, the main protagonist is a cyborg, so it can’t not be awesome, right? The first book is Cinder (Cinderella), the second Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood), and Cress is about a Rapunzel type character named Crescent. Also note that the fourth book has come out – titled Winter. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet. I’m pretty sure it’s a Snow White type deal. Anyway, they’re wonderful.


Non-Fiction Bests:

Writing Fight ScenesWriting Fight Scenes by Marie Brennan – I got this one as part of the 2015 NaNoWriMo bundle at StoryBundle.com. I love writing fight scenes and there was a lot of advice in here that I found very helpful. I’ll definitely be re-reading it.




First20HoursThe First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything…Fast by Josh Kaufman – That old myth that you need to spend 10,000 hours on something to be good at it – BUNK. The author spends a chapter or two explaining how his method works and then the rest of the book is about how he tested his methods, learning five new things on his “to learn” bucket list. It’s very interesting stuff.


So, that’s my list for 2015. Give these books a chance!

Stay tuned for my review of One Summer by David Balducci…sigh. It’s only 300 pages. It’s only 300 pages.

Thanks for reading!


* This post contains Amazon Affliate links.


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