Day 366

2016, you have loomed over us, a seemingly malevolent force, wielding Death’s mighty sickle, sparing none, young or old, human or major appliance. Tonight, you can go die in a barren winter field where your carcass will be scavenged by coyotes. No one will miss you.

We can all agree that it’s been quite a year.

Thankfully, our 2016 suckitude was limited to replaceable things. Personally, I managed to avoid any major health crises despite being pregnant, so in comparison to the previous two years, this year wasn’t so bad.

Once again, however, my goal setting fell by the wayside in favor of more important things like…taking naps. Growing a tiny human is hard business and my slightly older and thyroidless body wasn’t as  adept at dealing with it. Meals were definitely not planned any better. I didn’t even come close to reaching my reading and writing goals-posts on this blog being one of those. Last month, I even decided that finishing NaNoWriMo was not the highest thing on my priority list and thus my fifth year of that endeavor was a bust. We also had a few large appliance/house issues which were an unwelcome added stress.

This year wasn’t all bad for us. I did get to attend LTUE in February, which I never got around to writing about but was nonetheless a great experience and it marked the first time I’d left my family by itself for more than a few hours and flown on an airplane all by myself since I was nineteen. (Flying on an airplane without children is heaven, isn’t it?)

We also tried some fun new activities as a family like camping on the beach, which was a lot of work but was so fun when I think back on it-even though it was pouring rain, the heaven’s parting just long enough for us to put up the tent.

Of course we also had a healthy pregnancy and baby this year which trumps any other 2016 lameness. She is truly a joy.

I think I’ve made some strides this year learning how to prioritizing the pursuits in my life and just letting things go if I don’t have the time or inclination to do them. This little dumpling is going to be coming first most of the time for a little while yet:

So, here’s to a year of not being so hard on myself, blogging whenever I feel like blogging, reading whatever and whenever I feel like reading, and not caring so much about whether I’m fulfilling my self-imposed obligations or not.

Now, where did put my new apron? Time to make a cheese ball.


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